Earl Dunn Buick Pontiac GMC

Earl Dunn Buick Pontiac GMC


For many years Earl Dunn Buick Pontiac GMC of Nashville served middle Tennessee offering the full line up of Buick and GMC vehicles.  Whether you had a commercial, family, or personal vehicle need, Dunn provided great options through its brand.  Located at 800 Gallatin Pike just outside Nashville Tennessee, Earl Dunn offered all Buick models which consisted of the Regal, Lacrosse, Enclave, and Verano.  They also offered the full line up of GMC vehicles which included the Acadia, Sierra, Savana, Terrain, Canyon, and Yukon.  The Dunn GMC line also consisted of the very popular Denali models.

Earl Dunn Buick Pontiac GMC also offered excellent service to the people of Nashville when it came to maintenance and repair.  Using GM parts and highly trained technicians they did a very good job keeping their customers pleased and their vehicles running smoothly.  Each brand, Buick and GMC, both have special requirements with parts and procedures that the service department had to function smoothly and efficiently and Dunn in Nashville did just that.

As the times changed over the last two to three years, business changed as well.  While Earl Dunn Buick Pontiac GMC maintained strong sales and excellent customer relationships the owners found that it was an opportune time to sell.  For the benefit of the people and the dealerships in Nashville TN, Dunn Buick GMC was purchased by Tom Bannen Chevrolet.  This business transaction is actually great for both dealerships’ customers and all the people of Nashville Tennessee.  While Earl Dunn Buick Pontiac GMC could have been bought by a dealer outside the GM brands it ended up being purchased by the largest Chevrolet dealership serving Nashville TN – Bannen Chevrolet.  Bannen is familiar with GM and has an excellent reputation in Nashville for outstanding customer service and for using only GM certified parts.

While the Buick and GMC brands may be leaving Dunn and transitioning over to Tom Bannen Chevrolet, the change in ownership is going to have some excellent benefits for the people of Nashville and the customers of both dealerships.  The move itself is not a far one in terms of distance.  Earl Dunn Buick Pontiac GMC was located at 800 Gallatin Pike in Madison TN.  Tom Bannen is located at 2340 Gallatin Pike also in Madison TN.  In terms of convenience, car shoppers can now find three brands in one location.  This will give all of the people of Nashville an added convenience benefit in both sales and service.  Three of GM’s strongest brands are now united in terms of location.

When it comes to servicing your vehicle this convenience benefit remains and new benefits arise.  Earl Dunn Buick Pontiac GMC had a good reputation in the area and a strong customer base.  Bannen has an outstanding reputation and has won awards every year for both sales and service.  For maintenance and repair one dealership location can now provide Genuine GM Parts and certified technicians for three GM brands instead of just one.  Not only will your vehicle be serviced properly, but your experience will be comfortable and enjoyable.  Bannen is well known for its reputation.  In fact, most of their business comes from referrals.  The people of Nashville have been so impressed with their service that they readily refer them to their friends and family.

The people at the purchasing dealership are extremely excited about acquiring the Buick and GMC brands.  Andrea Pitt, one of the managers, felt that the purchase was a very natural one.  She cited the fact that the location is very convenient and also that because Buick and GMC are GM brands, it just made sense.  She was very happy to have the opportunity to now be representing 97% of GM’s offerings.  All of the staff at Tom Bannen were very excited about also bringing in some quality staff from Earl Dunn Buick Pontiac GMC.  One of the sales representatives has over 30 years of experience and they feel he will do an outstanding job of representing the quality that the dealership stands for.

Earl Dunn Buick Pontiac GMC was owned by the Dunn family for just about 30 years.  In that time the dealership has certainly become a staple within the community.  All parties are very happy that the Buick and GMC brands will staying close to home and that a local dealership will be representing those brands to the rest of Nashville, Rivergate, and the greater Middle Tennessee area.  It is also very important to note the quality of the acquiring dealership.  Tom Bannen has won GM’s Mark of Excellence award for many years and has just recently earned dealership of the year from Chevrolet.  These are two huge awards and this is the kind of service that customers of Dunn Buick GMC  can expect. 

Earl Dunn Buick Pontiac GMC may no longer exist, but both Buick and GMC will still be represented by one of the best dealerships in the country for the people of Nashville Tennessee.

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