Nashville Chevrolet Corvette

Nashville Chevrolet Corvette


The Corvette needs little introduction.  For nearly 60 years the Nashville Chevy Corvette has dominated the road.  Always one of the most aerodynamic and powerful vehicles in existence, the Corvette continues to break new ground today.

The exterior of this American icon has always conveyed intensity.  It sits nimble and is ready to explode at any second.  As far back as the 1960's, this vehicle has turned heads and left other vehicles in the dust.  Over the years it has evolved, but the theme remains the same – beauty, speed, power and grace.

Year after year the Nashville Chevrolet Corvette is hailed by leading automotive authorities as well as consumers.  And for all the focus on its impressive performance attributes, the Corvette is a very well-rounded sports car.  Kelley Blue Book writes, "Nowhere else but in America can you find a two-seat sports car costing roughly $50,000 and delivering 430 horsepower while returning an EPA highway fuel economy figure of 26 miles per gallon." writes, "Top to bottom, the Corvette stable has enough broad-shouldered eight-cylinder force to satisfy even the most depraved speed fiend.  Nor does this hamper drivability, as all Corvette models are pretty easy and comfortable to drive around town."

The base model Nashville Chevy Corvette offers 430 horsepower, a fantastic amount for a base level vehicle.  Moving up in trim levels your Chevy Corvette can astonishingly pump out over 600 horsepower as well as deliver over 600 lb.-ft. of torque.  This is some serious heat!

To complement the awesome power, the Nashville Chevrolet Corvette is surprisingly efficient.  The base model produces 26 MPG highway while a top-of-the-line model still boasts an impressive 20 MPG highway.  This is a great performance blend for a special vehicle.

With power comes responsibility and the Nashville Chevy Corvette is no exception.  Safety is a feature taken seriously on this vehicle.  Side airbags and anti-lock disc brakes are standard features.  Its stability control system, known as "Active Handling", allows for aggressive driving, but still offers a safety support.

No matter how you look at it, the Nashville Chevrolet Corvette is simply a modern legend.


2011 Chevrolet Corvette

Sure, you have heard of the Corvette.  Everyone has.  But a vehicle whose base model hits 190 MPH on the test track means business.  For decades, the Corvette has excited and the 2011 Nashville Chevy Corvette continues the tradition.

Blow the top off of your 2011 Nashville Chevrolet Corvette…literally.  In addition to its intense and aerodynamic lines, the 2011 Corvette comes as a hard top that is removable for some fresh open-air driving.  Also available is a transparent roof for the ultimate driving experience.

Just like the exterior, the interior has acute focus.  The available leather coverings on the door panels, console and instrument panel add to the sleek, aggressive feel of the 2011 Nashville Chevy Corvette.  The instruments and displays are neatly and cleanly laid out allowing you to focus on the fun part – driving.  Take the interior one step further by adding the custom leather-wrapped package which gives you the ability to personalize your vehicle with red, yellow, or blue stitching.

Getting down to business, performance reigns supreme in the 2011 Nashville Chevrolet Corvette.  The base model is equipped with a 6.2L aluminum block V8 engine that thunders out 430 horsepower.  If your need for speed is greater, consider stepping up to the Z06.  This beast is powered by a 7.0L V8 engine that cranks out 505 horsepower.  This 2011 Nashville Chevy Corvette model pumps out an impressive 470 lb.-ft. of torque and reaches 198 MPH.

If you need to max out on speed and power then look no further than the ZR1.  This 2011 Nashville Chevrolet Corvette is nearly off the charts.  Its turbo charged 6.2L V8 engine is a technological masterpiece that pumps out an explosive 638 horsepower.  This beauty reaches past 200 MPH and is simply a serious vehicle for serious drivers.


2012 Chevrolet Corvette

The latest evolution of adrenaline, the 2012 Nashville Chevy Corvette is the only truly American sports car in the competitive class.  This year, however, even more advancements come into play making the 2012 Corvette a fearsome animal.

The exterior of the 2012 Nashville Chevrolet Corvette still maintains its exhilarating lines that speak of speed and aggression.  But the vehicle also stands poised, almost self-assured that over the years it really has had no equals.  With racetrack origins the 2012 Corvette is purposeful in that it is built to thrill.

The interior of the 2012 Nashville Chevy Corvette also comes with enhancements.  The seat construction has been refined with larger bolsters to offer you more support and a more engaging driving position.  The steering wheel has also been refined to offer that extra edge in performance.  Wrapped spokes, thumb grips, advanced hand placement and switch trim all unite to put you in more control.  And once again, red, blue, and yellow stitching is available with the custom leather-wrapped interior package.

Moving on to performance, the 2012 Nashville Chevrolet Corvette once again comes with a base model that produces 430 horsepower.  The 6.2L V8 also manages 424 .b-ft. of torque and can go from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. 

The next step up is the Z06.  This beast maintains its impressive 505 horsepower from the year before with its 7.0L aluminum-block V8 engine.  It now has carbon-fiber components and is the most balanced and lightest 2012 Nashville Chevy Corvette.

Finally, taking speed to its joyous limit, the ZR1 is thunderous on the road.  Reaching 0-60 in 3.4 seconds the 2012 Nashville Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is the fastest car GM has ever created.  It is the peak of nearly 60 years of evolution and absolutely dominates the road.  It is the ultimate driving vehicle.

If you live to drive, the 2012 Nashville Chevy Corvette is the only option.

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