Nashville Chevrolet Silverado

Nashville Chevrolet Silverado

For decades the Nashville Chevy Silverado has personified the true American worker.  The heartbeat of America is none other than the Silverado as this vehicle has literally helped build this country for decades.  Over the years it has evolved and still today it is among the most outstanding pick-up trucks available.

One thing to note about the Nashville Chevrolet Silverado is that there is one for absolutely every need.  From a base truck with a V6 engine for minor hauling all the way up to some formidable, powerful V8 options, your Silverado can perform however you need it to.

To gain a glimpse into the quality available in the Nashville Chevy Silverado, here is what Kelley Blue Book writes, "Thanks to its rigid frame and advanced construction techniques, the…Silverado offers a markedly better ride-and-handling combination than many of its competitors."  Year after year, consumers and critics alike consistently rank the Silverado at the top of its class.

Two unique sets of features that separate the Nashville Chevrolet Silverado from its peers are interior knobs and Active Fuel Management.  The interior knobs are simple.  We know you are going to be working hard so the interior utilizes handles, switches and knobs that are easily operated by someone wearing gloves.  Active Fuel Management also allows the Silverado's engine to alternate between a power mode and a conservation mode.  When power is needed, all 8 cylinders kick into gear.  When less power is required, the engine can operate on 4 cylinders to conserve fuel.

The Nashville Chevy Silverado also comes in a wide variety of trim levels and towing options.  Take for example the XFE trim.  This trim level is available on the 2WD crew cab featuring light-weight aluminum parts and aerodynamic upgrades that improve fuel economy.  The other main trims are the LS, LT, and LTZ.  18 and 20 inch wheel options are available as well as navigation with real-time traffic monitoring, a rear camera, rear park assist, and a Z71 off road package.

If you need to get a job done, the Nashville Chevrolet Silverado is the ultimate choice no matter what the job is.


2011 Chevrolet Silverado

For nearly 90 years the 2011 Nashville Chevy Silverado has been evolving.  Where important structures are built, you will likely find the Silverado.  So synonymous with quality is the 2011 Silverado that in 2010 named it a 'Best Bet.'  The 2011 Nashville Chevrolet Silverado just keeps getting better.

The exterior is unmistakable.  Powerful is likely the first word that comes to mind when you see one.  Its lines are strategically simple and the 2011 Nashville Chevrolet Silverado was designed to perform.  The grill is wide and noticeable and the truck stands proud, aware of its rich history and premium performance.  Elements such as a full size spare tire, remote keyless entry and a passenger side power mirror are just a few of the minor details that go into the quality of the 2011 Nashville Chevy Silverado.

Where the 2011 Nashville Chevy Silverado really excels is in performance.  When it comes to trucks, power is a must.  Every V8 engine available in the 2011 Silverado produces over 300 lb.-ft. of torque as well as over 300 horsepower.  For those that need serious power, a Vortec 6.2 liter V8 engine is available that generates 403 horsepower and 417 lb.-ft. of torque.  Following right in line with this, the payload capacity is excellent.  For the Crew Cab, 1980 lbs. of capacity is available with 1,925 lbs. available for the Extended Cab models.

In addition to powerful performance, powerful safety options are available as well.  The 2011 Nashville Chevrolet Silverado is equipped with a whole host of safety features to ensure you're covered when you're working hard.  It starts with the steel safety cage which is engineered to maintain maximum passenger space in the event of an accident.  Add six standard air bags, electronic stability control and OnStar's automatic crash response system and you have top-of-the line safety surrounding you at all times.


2012 Chevrolet Silverado

Reaching new levels of quality, the 2012 Nashville Chevy Silverado still reigns as one of the best pick-up trucks on the road.  Whether it's used for building and construction or if it's just to take the family out for a camping trip, the 2012 Silverado has everything you need.

The exterior of the 2012 Nashville Chevrolet Silverado is bold yet elegant at the same time.  Its wide body gives it a powerful stance.  A new chrome mesh grill combines with a new chrome bumper to modernize its appearance.  Add 20 inch chrome wheels and the 2012 Silverado simply dominates the road.  The 2012 Silverado also comes in new colors – black granite metallic, mocha steel metallic, graystone metallic and ice metallic.

Performance is once again among the strongest elements that the 2012 Nashville Chevy Silverado brings to the table.  The standard Vortec V8 engine pumps out an ample 300 horsepower and 300 lb.-ft. of torque.  Climb up to the 6.2L Vortec V8 engine and power is immense with an output of 403 horses followed by 417 lb.-ft. of torque.  With payload capacity nearing 2,000 pounds the MAX trailering package gives a towing capacity on extended cab models of up to 10,700 pounds and up to 10,600 pounds on crew cab models.

The 2012 Nashville Chevrolet Silverado performance component just would not be complete without mentioning the Z71 off-road package.  The Z71 brings some masterful enhancements to the table.  For example, off road jounce bumpers, bright sill plates, 46mm twin tube high pressure gas charged shocks and skid plate package with a frame mounted transfer case protector.  The Z71 gives the 2012 Nashville Chevy Silverado some serious kick.

Because your truck is going to be working so hard it's important to have the proper technology for both safe and purposeful driving.  A vehicle diagnostics system keeps you current on the performance of your most important parts – engine, transmission and safety features.  The rear vision camera also helps keep you aware of any danger at the rear of the truck.  Your 2012 Silverado will also be its own mobile Wi-Fi hotspot giving you internet access up to 150 away from your Silverado.  Add to this OnStar, a USB port, Bluetooth, navigation with traffic and weather, and SiriusXM Satellite radio and you have a truly fantastic 2012 Nashville Chevrolet Silverado.

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