Nashville Chevrolet Suburban

Nashville Chevrolet Suburban


The Nashville Chevy Suburban is steeped in American tradition.  Today's versions are the result of over 75 years of improvement and evolution.  The Suburban is generally considered the world's first SUV and is considered by many consumers and critics to be the ultimate vehicle for combining the needs of large families with the need for towing capability.

About the Nashville Chevrolet Suburban, Kelley Blue Book writes, "Especially well-suited for large families and those who tow a camper, boat or horse trailer the…Chevrolet Suburban is a completely modernized version of a genuine workhorse." 

And while this legend is a large SUV, built on a truck chassis, the ride it delivers is exceptionally smooth and comfortable for all types of driving – both in town and on the highway.  The Nashville Chevy Suburban comes with different levels of V8 engines which means that no matter what trim level you choose, ample power is available whenever you need it.

Because there is a good chance you will be driving multiple passengers, safety has always been an important part of the Nashville Chevrolet Suburban.  Each year safety features are improved and you will find safety features such as six air bags, four wheel anti-lock disc brakes, OnStar availability, stability control, and an available blind spot warning system.  No matter where you travel and who you take with you, the Chevrolet Suburban will keep your passengers and cargo safe.

Finally and literally, the biggest feature the Nashville Chevy Suburban offers is capacity.  Not only can it seat up to nine passengers, but all nine passengers will have plenty of space and ride comfortably.  And while passenger space is immense, cargo storage availability is also outstanding.  The Suburban offers 137 cubic feet of cargo capacity.  This is more than both the Toyota Sequoia and Nissan Armada.  It's a perfect vehicle for long road trips or for contractors.

The Nashville Chevrolet Suburban is not only a work horse, but is a vehicle that works hard for you while allowing you to ride in safety, comfort, and luxury.


2011 Chevrolet Suburban

In 2010 the Chevy Suburban was named a top 10 family car by Kelley Blue Book.  In 2011 the Suburban just gets better.  The exterior of the 2011 Nashville Chevy Suburban is created with bold smooth lines that give the first indication that the Suburban is utilitarian, but also supple, providing comfort and luxury amenities.  It simply looks like it is a force that belongs on the road.  A power, remote operated, lift gate, retractable assist steps and an available off-road suspension package are just some of the work-horse options the 2011 Nashville Chevrolet Suburban has available.

The 2011 Nashville Chevrolet Suburban's interior is simply classy.  Space for both passengers and cargo is most notable with the Suburban having the capacity to seat up to nine passengers and 137 cubic feet of storage space.  But the interior is also finished off beautifully.  Luxury amenities such as cooled and heated 12-way power front seats, individual climate controls, and an intuitive driver information center make the Suburban in Nashville a comfortable ride as well as a functional one.  All controls are neatly and precisely laid out and the driver information center puts you in unique control of the vehicle at all times.

In additional to the passenger and cargo space, the 2011 Nashville Chevy Suburban's performance is simply outstanding.  With its vortec power, the Suburban is able to produce well over 300 horsepower while at the same time being fuel efficient.  The ½ ton Suburban has better fuel economy than any of its competitors.  The 2011 Nashville Chevrolet Suburban also comes equipped with active fuel management which allows the engine to alternate between 8 cylinder use and four cylinder use as power is needed. 

Finally, advanced technology is readily available.  Bluetooth integration allows you take phone calls without taking your eyes away from the road.  A rear DVD entertainment system and SiriusXM Satellite Radio are available for entertainment.  The 2011 Nashville Chevy Suburban is also equipped with turn by turn navigation and OnStar.


2012 Chevrolet Suburban

Picking up where last year left off, the 2012 Nashville Chevrolet Suburban continues to be the ultimate large family and towing SUV. writes, "Having recently celebrated its 75th birthday, the 2012 Chevrolet Suburban has talents as large as its footprint.  There's seating for up to nine people, massive cargo space and a towing capacity that's robust enough to handle a quartet of thoroughbreds or a boat bigger than some apartments."

Clearly, the 2012 Nashville Chevy Suburban has only improved.  From the outside, the 2012 Suburban maintains its clean bold lines giving it an authoritative look on the road.  On the inside, the 2012 Suburban in Nashville TN continues to dominate its peers.  The massive passenger and storage space still reigns above its competitors and such amenities as an 8 speaker surround sound system, SiriusXM satellite radio, tri-zone climate control, and audio controls mounted to the steering wheel unite form and function.

The 2012 Nashville Chevrolet Suburban once again peaks when it comes to performance.  With V8 options that produce either 320 horsepower or a 6.0L engine that thrusts out 352 horses, the 2012 Suburban has the power for every driving condition and towing situation.  Again the 2012 Nashville Chevy Suburban employs active fuel management so when you drive in situations needing power all 8 cylinders are active.  Then, in situations that don't require power, the engine reverts to 4 cylinder operation to conserve fuel.

Just like in the past, the 2012 Nashville Chevy Suburban employs serious safety features.  Front seat side air bags, a roll-over sensor and three row side curtain airbags are there to ensure your family is safe.  Stability control, four wheel anti-lock brakes and OnStar are also there to ensure your safety.  The blind spot warning system is once again an available option.

The 2012 Nashville Chevrolet Suburban is not only the perfect utility vehicle, but it also keeps you comfortable and allows you to drive in style.

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